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This set of hanging system is suitable for decorative space or business office use. The end of the rail fitting can be hidden within the track itself, which hangs from the bottom of the rail. This design will make the outlook more natural and concise.

This system is featured by its camouflage ability where it can blend into the space; user can select a prime finishing rail and paint the rail with the colour the same as the wall to create a camouflage effect.

With the use of ‘click & connect’, rail can be fitted on the walls with ease and could also accommodate slightly uneven walls with the 3-rings design. The rail fitting wire that hangs from the bottom of the rail can either be transparent perlon or rigid steel, and fitting can be added or removed from any position on the rail.



How to install:

Picture Hanging System

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Size: A4 & A3

Affordable weight: 20 KG

Affordable weight: 20 KG

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Affordable weight: 30 KG

Affordable weight:30 KG

Affordable weight:70 KG

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