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Acrylic Pocket System for A3 & A4

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This midway hanging system is specially designed to hang multiple display panels, suitable for showcasing sets of posters. Once the hanging system is in place, user can decide how to place the acrylic panels, and by applying E-clips or Clamps; panels can be fixed at desire height. This set of system serves many purposes, such us wall decoration, display retail products, photo display or surf as information boards etc. This design allow user to change displaying items with ease.


Together with our stainless steel wires, the design will maximize the overall outlook and prevents the panels from swinging.



How to install:

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Size: A4 & A3

Affordable weight: 20 KG

Affordable weight: 20 KG

Size: A2 & A1

Affordable weight: 30 KG

Affordable weight:30 KG

Affordable weight:70 KG

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