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This set of hanging system is featured by its universal rail, where it can adapt to various rail fittings to meet different needs. For example, user can connect rail fitting onto the rail at any point along the rail and not having to insert it from the end. It can also accommodate ceiling rail installation or allowing user to place more than one item on the same cable.


Furthermore, compare with Click Rail System; this set of hanging system is able to hold heavier objects (up to 30Kg), and hence it is very popular with museum or gallery installation.






Display Board Hanging System

Picture Hanging System

Other Hanging Systems

Size: A4 & A3

Affordable weight: 20 KG

Affordable weight: 20 KG

Size: A2 & A1

Affordable weight: 30 KG

Affordable weight:30 KG

Affordable weight:70 KG

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