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畫框及掛畫配件陳列室 | Frame and hanging system showroom




To Art lovers and designers

In February, although the epidemic situation has not passed yet, we still hope to improve our services. We have set up a showroom of picture frames and hanging systems in Central. Welcome friends who are interested in interior design or home decoration, please visit us and get some inspiration.


In the past, we mainly provided hanging system and installation for large-scale projects, but in view of the growing popularity of hanging rails, the showroom will also provide retail service. Hanging system is no longer limited to galleries or hotels, it can be used at ordinary dwellings too! Which is convenient to change the paintings without damaging the wall.


The epidemic leads us to spend more time at home, home furnishings become more important than before, and the atmosphere somehow is affected by the painting you showed and how you display it.



Our showroom will also provide personalized framing service, such as the selection of suitable frames, the choice of acrylic, or the matting combination. Since our framing workshop is a local one, our production lead time will not be too long. All the picture frames and materials are from Southeast Asia and Europe, the quality is guaranteed.



Please let us know before you visit, just to in case we are out for work sometimes.

Hope to see you soon!

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