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About us


Art Experience Limited has been devoted to the Hong Kong art industry for more than two decades. We are experienced in artwork handling, framing, stretching, maintenance and artwork installation along with appropriate art consultation.


[Framing | Artwork Installation | Hanging System]


Every art piece is unique and invaluable. They deserve to be framed exquisitely and paired with professional installation. We provide professional framing, hanging system and artwork installation which allows observers to appreciate the art piece by creating an artsy atmosphere within the space showing. 


[One-Stop Service]


We intend to expand our services and reach out to you, thus we offer an one-stop service from purchasing artwork, framing to installating art piece. Once desired artwork has been selected, we can advise you with framing solution chosen from a wide range of good quality frames along with appropriate installation selected from our high quality hanging systems.


[Suitable for different kinds of customers]


We work with a wide range of customers, including private collectors, auction houses, art galleries, museums, hotels, boutiques and international brands. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.





Our framer has been working in framing industry for over 30 years




We provide archival materials such as RagMat, PH neutral white tape, filmoplast tape, acid free backing, etc... 




Our own warehouse is located in Chaiwan




We provide professional workers for hanging artworks

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