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Imagine It 書籍懸掛系統

Presentation becomes part of the interior. Stylish and practical.

A narrow cable runs along both sides of the IMAGINE IT magazines hanging system which connects the horizontal rails to one another. Through a special mechanism in the end caps, the height of the various magazine rails can be adjusted. This enables a rail to easily be slid upwards or downwards, thereby immediately creating a different look.

The rails are available in 99cm, 133cm and 166cm.

Imagine It Magazines

A dynamic hanging system that allows inspirational magazines and trade journals to become part of the office in an appealing way. Because of its minimalist design, Imagine It Magazines almost appears to float.

Imagine It Smart Pockets

Presenting information becomes much easier with Imagine It Smart Pockets. The double-sided acrylic pockets can easily be clicked into the rail and they have a subtle notch at the side where you can easily change the content.

View the IMAGINE IT video here:

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